September 21, 2019

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In 2012 Red back exhaust system was launched for the first time, with the aim of making the toughest bolt on 4wd exhaust system. Since then the project has been tested and it turned out to be a success. Currently all red back systems available are re- engineered, keeping in mind aftermarket accessories that may obstruct fitment other than a stock vehicle.

Each Red back Extreme Duty system is provided with a complete installation kit that consists of new rubber isolators, custom Australian-made gaskets, OEM gaskets and German-made Worth hardware. A service kit is provided and each kit is equipped with a stainless 304 exhaust tip. In order to solve fitment issues lengthy range fuel tanks, larger spare wheels, side steps and other accessories were installed. Instead of using of the industry standard 8mm two –three bolt plate, 10mm-thick, four-bolt flange plates are used, and tube-to-tube connections remove gasket failure. An internal reinforced bulkhead is added to protect against strikes when not on proper roads For the sake of durability the old method of welding section of 10mm bar to the muffler or pipe as a hanger mount was discarded and instead of that a doubled-wrapped hanger mount was installed.

Every system is provided with an oxygen sensor for optional installation of tuning equipment. The redback exhaust Ferntree Gully is being tried on Land Cruiser. The experiment has been successful and engine performed well.


Genie Legendex is one of the toughest exhausts available. It consists of 409 grade stainless mandrel-bent tube brought from the same mill that supplies Toyota. It has an 800 degree thermal coating on the tube, ceramic coated dump pipes and many other unique features. After installation of exhaust it is guaranteed to gain at least 10% power in the rev range where you need extra power for towing and climbing big hills. When combined with the right tune it gives less turbo lag and power gains are typically to 35%.It gives fuel savings up to 8-12%. After installing Legendex exhaust your new vehicle warranty will continue, so it is the best choice. Overheated engines are a common issue but this can be overcome through exhaust as it has ceramic coated dump pipes. This coating prevents the engine bay from the exhaust heat by a reduction of 100-200 degrees C.

The terms of a warranty are a good indication of how long the manufacturer thinks their exhaust will last – and under what sort of treatment – sealed road or off-road where the real 4wders go. Because Legendex is built to outlast, we can confidently offer an unrivalled 10 Year Warranty. Legendex maintains a warranty that covers off-road travelling. It has a perfect fitting and can be easily done without hard and expensive labor. So Genie Legendex Exhaust is a sensible choice with lots of benefits and it is consumer friendly too.

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